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Mark Slomski was born at a very young age. He spent two years in the service before becoming an apprentice at the "Song and Dance Man Company" making use of brushes and household articles. When he was thirteen, Mark Slomski began a singing career as a 17 year old phenom, brightening many a wary evening in the northern Minnesota and central Ozark regions.

His radio performances are now considered legendary, mostly because none of them were recorded. Recently, Mark Slomski joined forces with his brother and lifelong friend, Phil Slomski, to reignite the cool flame of radio waves that many youngsters can only experience by buying drinks for the Slomskis. As Mama Slomski has always said: "Consarn it, cain't you see my boys need a drink?!"

Phil Slomski was also born, but little has been recorded about his early life or career until he shows up at the Chicago World's Fair as a "Seller of Household Goods and Songs."

While studying the relationship of architecture and love poetry, Phil Slomski discovered a new position - that of Purveyor of Good Household Songs. It was in this precarious position that Phil Slomski reunited with his lifelong friend and brother, Mark Slomski. As their paths had never been different, it was a matter of wisdom and common courtesy that he and his brother follow Mama Slomski's advice, who told them, "Take the family trunk and be stars!"

Once described as the perfect "Home Away From Home", Trunk Slomski has been in the Slomski family for quite some time. While its exact origins are unclear, it is believed to have been traded for a hill of beans and two sticks, a deal the Slomskis are quite proud of.

Capable of carrying everything the Slomskis would need on the road, it has provided many people both shelter and protection, not to mention countless smiles and tears of joy. As children, Mark and Phil Slomski would spend hours diving in and out of the trunk, but it took years before they discovered the west wing including the now famous comfy beds and sink. It has, as they like to say, "everything two men could dream of... after a night of heavy drinking," which of course every Slomski is known to do.

Much like Thor and his hammer, you'll rarely see Mark Slomski without his uke, and you'll likely see him using it not only to create beautiful melodies but also as a door stop, pillow, and digging tool all the same.

For years Mark Slomski believed he had found it in an old second hand store despite Phil Slomski's insistance otherwise. It wasn't until a recent Slomski family reunion that he realized that store was his great grandfather's shoe closet. Armed with this knowledge, and three shots of whiskey, Mark Slomski set forth to show the world the power of Uke Slomski.

Capable of producing soul-soothing tones as well as serving punch for 300, Pan Slomski is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Uncle Frank Slomski forged the legendary pan by taking steel from a rusted out moonshine still and tuning it to the sound of rain falling on the tin roof of his cabin, which coincidently sounded much like the melody to The Slomski Brothers Theme Song.

Now as much part of the band as a fifth of whiskey or the brothers' trusted hats, Pan Slomski never fails to impress the men and make the ladies swoon. In fact, Phil Slomski has been known to insist on taking his pan on double dates - much to the surprise of just about everyone.